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1ensino fundamental (básico) inglês 10 pontos escreva (r) para os verbos regulares e (i) para inrregulares. infinitive past a)to live lived ( ) b)to work worked ( ) c)to take took ( ) d)to sleep slept ( ) e)to see saw ( ) f)to play playde ( ) g)to study studied ( ) h)to look looked ( ) i)to like liked ( )

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Read the definitions and type in the correct verbs from the list. to apologize for / to share with / to agree with / to sleep over / to lend to / to believe in / to blame for / to talk about / to laugh about / to wish for
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3. complete the sentences with the verb in the correct form. to see; to complain; to get; to come; to listen; to work; a-it has been a long time since , hasn't it? b-how long has it been since stepfather? c-my best friend a painter since 2015 d-i haven' good result since the last championship. e- the loud music last night. f-it has been a long time since the service.
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What kind of weather do cacao trees need?
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1.abrevie as frases abaixoa) i am sick.b) you are herec) it is thered) we are bravee) you are not happyf) she is not hereg) i am not her h) they are not there​
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1ensino fundamental (básico) inglês 10 pontos escreva (r) para os verbos regulares e (i) para inrreg...

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