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Explique a teoria do oceano primitivo

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Passe para a interrogativa presente -negativa abreviada -negativa comum - "exercício" 2)we watch television at night.
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Como fica no simples past to sleep to fli to think‚Äč
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It write the name of the person beside the best advice for their habits.a) you were not listening to your sister's good advice. you need to eat fresh fruits,vegetables and drink water. stop yourself from eating junk b) exercise is good for everyone. you were listening to your teacher. now, makeyourself continue with this good habit c) your body needs to sleep. you should sleep 7 to 8 hours each night. make yourselfgo to bed early, and don't stay up late at ‚Äč
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Como se configura a conjuga√ß√£o dos verbos irregulares no simples past‚Äč
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