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Oque significada “touchdown" no futebol americano?

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Mary likes . do you like *c) hers; yoursd)hers; youa) her; yoursb) her; your‚Äč
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A- write a question using the reflexive pronoum and answer it.01. do.. (pergunta com do)yes,no,02. (pergunta com doesyesno,03. didyes,no,04. areyes,no,05. canyes,no,06. mustyes,no,‚Äč
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1substitua os itens destacados por 1 jonh told jane a story. 2 you and i met jonh and jane. 3 garfield chase odie. 4 jonh and i ride a bike. 5 jane listened to rock. 6 jane and mary love jude and ane. 7 jane and you watch you tobe 8 justin had many likes.‚Äč
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Traduzir para protugueshey, buddy! what's up? hi i'm fine and you? . i'm good too. cauld yocould you lind me your car for one hour? yeah! i'ii need the con only at night.- , brother. see yano problem take are‚Äč
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