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3) read the compositions again. then decide if the statements ate t (true) or f (false)

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5- substitua as palavras grifadas por pronomes pessoais: a) luara and i are good students.b) ighor and tadeu are twin brother.c) arthur is a intelligent boy.d) the book is on the table.​
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Questão 04reescreva as frases utilizando os verbos modais: 1 - you are not allowed to talk during thetest. (mustn't) 2- it isn't necessary to bring food. (don't have to)3- i'm obliged to finish this letter before midday. (have to)​
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Preencha os espaços em branco com a preposition of place correta @the clock the pillow (em baixo) b-the trouses bed (em baixo) c-the animals house (ao lado) d-the desk wardrobe and the bed. e-the wardrobe bed (ao lado de) f-the computer television (na frente)
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Complete usando a primeira condicional. a) she. (tell) you the story if you ask her
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3) read the compositions again. then decide if the statements ate t (true) or f (false)...

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