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Pay attention if the adjective is long or short

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Mary likes . do you like *c) hers; yoursd)hers; youa) her; yoursb) her; your​
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A- complete with the correct pronoum.01. that is(my/mine) red blouse.(your/yours) is not here.02.(my/mine) family was invited to_(their/theirs) baby shower.03.(their/theirs) are there but(her/hers) are in the fitting room.04. the shopaholic friend is not_ (my/mine), it is_(your/yours).05. she's thin! these extra-large outfits are_ (ourlours).06. i asked if those clothes are(your/yours)? - i told you they are(my/mine)! 07. he didn't have an umbrella, so my mother gave him(her/hers)08. is this black pen(your/yours) or(my/mine)? ​
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Read the definitions and type in the correct verbs from the list. to apologize for / to share with / to agree with / to sleep over / to lend to / to believe in / to blame for / to talk about / to laugh about / to wish for
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Fin the gaps in the dialogue below and practice it with a friendcan you of course,can you! my friend! ​
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Pay attention if the adjective is long or short...

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