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Holding you back: Although you’re a natural leader, you rely heavily on others. Neediness hides your true potential.

Beat your obstacles: Make more important decisions on your own. Stop calling friends so often – you’ll be amazed at how many will call you after a couple of days. See, they do love you!

Holding you back: You’re sensitive to others, but you’re scared of upsetting people and can overreact easily.

Beat your obstacles: You can’t control the feelings of others, so concentrate on yourself. If something upsets you, work out what you want from the people involved; then, react accordingly

Holding you back: You love the good things in life, but this can make you seem superficial and mask your true talents at work.

Beat your obstacles: You are a great communicator and have a vivid imagination – you may have a talent for writing or acting. Channel your boundless energy into positive activity.

Holding you back: Responsibility feels like a huge burden to you in life, and you can never quite shake it off.

Beat your obstacles: Your sense of responsibility makes you a fantastic manager – so embrace this side of your personality. You will get what you want because you have sticking power.

Holding you back: Freedom is your buzzword, but this stops you from forming relationships or putting down roots.

Beat your obstacles: Many say true love is a liberating process, as is finding a fulfilling job or a fantastic friendship. The only boundaries are those we construct ourselves, so try to break free in your mind as well as your body.

Holding you back: Your love family makes you a home bird, so much that others can take you for granted.

Beat your obstacles: Your creativity, so often wasted helping others, could lead you to great achievements. Be wary of those who always ask you for favours. It’s time to say “no” much more.

Holding you back: You live in a world of your own, but this can alienate you. Others find it hard to understand you, and you can be moody and sarcastic.

Beat your obstacles: Explain yourself and find out more about others. You’ve yet to discover the meaning of empathy, but when you do, you’ll be amazed.

Holding you back: Your ambition drives you, and the chase for money and power rules you. You place too much emphasis on possessions and the pursuit for perfection can be lonely.

Beat your obstacles: Look inside yourself. Nurture friendships and don’t treat relationships as competitions – enjoy them for what they are.

Holding you back: You’re a broadminded humanitarian, helping friends and supporting the needy, but this drains your pocket andyour energy.

Beat your obstacles: Try and think long term about yourself. Start a pension or plan some kind of saving plan for your old age.

Take from text, in English, the discourse markers which express:

a) alternative: _

b) contrast: _

c) explanation: _

d) addition: _

Obs: As respostas desta questão precisam levar em consideração o sentido expresso pelos marcadores de discurso, que devem ser reconhecidos dentro do contexto.

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Holding you back: Although you’re a natural leader, you rely heavily on others. Neediness hides your...

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