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Texto the best Michael schumacher​

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Preciso de uma notícia em inglês de preferência curta e o mais agradeço
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Me ajudem por favor ; -; a que frases em inglês cada sigla se refere? (a) i.1.2.c. u (b) r. u.o. k (c) i'st (d) i. c.q (e) i. o.u (f) e. z (g) b. z (h) i.1.t (i) i.8 (j) u.2 (k) y? (l) c. u$$$9 (m) 2e. z.4u (n) r. u.d. z?
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Write the simple past forms of the verbs bellow (don’t worry about the numbers): ask (1x): be (12x): / borrow (1x): buy (1x): find (1x): get (2x): go (3x): make (1x): meet (2x): propose (1x): say (1x): see (1x): sit (1x): worry (1x):
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Shoul-shouldn't1) if you are having atest, you talk with a partner2) you arrive on time at english class3) we old peoplewould-wouldn't1) i like to stay here with you 2) you like go to a party today? 3) i love to visit newyork​
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Texto the best Michael schumacher​...

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