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In Other Words
Observe the expressions and idioms in bold in the sentences below. in your
notebook, match them to their respective meanings. Go back to the text on
page 19 if necessary. The context will help you understand the meanings.
a) "L...] our tech addiction is giving us a leg up [...]."
b) "The answer may be at your fingertips."
c) "[...] when you're finally free from the phone's feedback loop L.)."
d) "...] your phone could be getting in the way [...]."
1) helping us out
2) able to put down the phone
3) putting obstacles in your path
4) very near or in your hand
Function Words
1. Read the following sentences from the text, paying close attention to the worden
bold. Then choose the correct options to complete the explanation about thos
words and write them down in your notebook.
"A little break' may sound harmless; but more is happening during that brief
digression than you think."
"When technology does everything, however, it's easy to become dependent
on it."
"But despite having these shortcuts, students are still spending the same
amount of time on homework today as they were 30 years ago."
"Showers are a great way to wake you up, but they also force you to put down
your phone."
But, however, and despite are function words (conjunction, adverb, preposition) used
to express (a) addition/contrast, but they have (b) the same/different
positions in the sentence. In some of the sentences above (@ two/three function
words are possible.
2. Now complete these sentences based on the infographic on page 21, using but,
however, or despite, as appropriate. Use the explanation above as reference if
a) Texting while driving is dangerous, some people do it.
b) being a dangerous activity, texting while driving is a fact.
c) Texting while driving is dangerous. Some people,
often do it.​

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In Other Words
Observe the expressions and idioms in bold in the sentences below. in your

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