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Em que meios uma entrevista pode ser divulgada?

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Selecione a opção correta: quantas pessoas tem na festa? a) how many people are there in the party? b)are there how many people in the party? c)how many people is there in the party? ​
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Preencher os espaços em branco com futuro imediato. be ( am, is, are) ​
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1-change the sentences from active to passive voice: a) we must finish those letters by five o'clock. b)they should send it to us at once. c) he has to finish it today. d) the police are holding him for further questioning. e) they may organize a new group next week. f) he has to pay the bill before the first of the month.
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Alguém me ajudar ,é pra passar para o int e neg do simple present? a)tony drinks neg: b)paul and richard teach neg: c)the cat plays with the neg: d)suzy sing a wonderfull neg: e)the students come by neg: f)my mother watches a beautiful neg: g)they read a good neg:
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Em que meios uma entrevista pode ser divulgada?...

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