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Disciplina Língua Estrangeira Inglês
Série 7*
1*) Encaixe a conjugação correta dos verbos no tempo PRESENTE SIMPLES:
A) He _ English ( To study)
B) She _French (To speak)
C) It_tall (To Fly)
D) We _ friends ( To have)

2*)Passe para o plural:
A) I and you are enemies
B) This is a family
C) That is a toy
D) He and she are classmates

3*) Mude para pronome possessivo;
A) These are my cars
B) This is our school
C) Those are his friends
D) That is your brother.

4*) Forme frases:
Mine _

5*)Escreva em Ingles:
A) Ha um livro sobre a mesa
B) Ha canetas sobre a carteira
C) Havia um gato dentro da caixa
D) Existia um lapis na mesa

6*) Conjugue o verbo " To play, nos tempos PRESEN
TE SIMPLES E CONTINUO na forma negativa:​

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exercise: put the verb in the right form. 1. david (shave) when his wife (come) home yesterday. 2. the claytons (celebrate) a birthday party when i (phone) last friday. susan (record) everything with her camcorder and everybody (have) fun. 3. when the earthquake (destroy) their house, the claytons (shop) in town. luckily, they (sleep) or watching tv at home. 4. while tom and sally (go) to school, their little sister (sleep) peacefully in her bed. she was with the flu. 5. while they (play) cards, somebody (break) into the house. 6. we (play) monopoly when the lights (go off). 7. the chef (cook) a delicious meal when the guests (start) to arrive. 8. the man (talk) on the phone when he (crash) against the other car. on the other hand, the woman (put on) some make-up when the accident (happen). 9. while he (talk) on the phone, his baby (sleep). 10. diana (kiss) her boyfriend when her parents (come back) home from the theatre.
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Take a look ar pictures am e write they are doing : they togheter.​
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Inglês, 15.08.2019 02:31, Shaday007
Selecione a opção correta: tem algo para comer? a)theres something to eat? b) is there something to eat? c) are there something to eat? ​
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What kind of weather do cacao trees need?
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Disciplina Língua Estrangeira Inglês
Série 7*

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