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7. Complete the sentences with the correct form of be or have, (F) green
(B) plump
() blond
(F) blue
() tall
(H) shaved
() short
() well built
ith wavy
(B) slim
young. She
curly blond hair. She
a) My teacher
very pretty. She
eyes and she
average height.
serious and handsome. He a shaved head
b) Diego
a tall and thin teenager. He
green eyes and dark hain
c) Martha_well built. She tall. She
short hair and blue eyes. They
short and plump
d) My uncles
twins. They
red hair and dark eyes.
e) Sophie short and slim. She
very nice. She
8. Look at the photo and describe all six people.

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Gente, eu tenho mini-teste de ingles amh e nao sabia, vou mal nesse assunto, alguem ai faz um resumao pfv? *assuntos* do e does/whose/genitive case/pronouns and possessive adjectives/imperative ( affirmative and negative form)
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7. Complete the sentences with the correct form of be or have, (F) green
(B) plump<...

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