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Calcule o volume v=a•b•c v=4•2•3 V=24 cm​

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Escreva as frases no presente simples negative and interrogative​
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Read the definitions and type in the correct verbs from the list. to apologize for / to share with / to agree with / to sleep over / to lend to / to believe in / to blame for / to talk about / to laugh about / to wish for
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Boa noite! eu preciso de 20 perguntas sobre past continuous ( passado continuo). as perguntas devem ter o titulo em português e as alternativas em ingles de ( a a e) com as respostas marcadas.
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Reecreva as frases, substituindo as palavras em destaque pelo pronome obliquo, object pronome, adequado a) don't contaminate (the air) b) same of (the boys) wanted to photograph (janet) c) he shard (the chocolate) with (his brother) d) daniel visitead (peter and me) on wednsday e) did she send (your colleage and you) a letter ? f) because of (peter) i missed (the train) g) we gave (the floers) to (the teacher ) h) phill wanted to marry (susan) i) how did frank tame (the dogs) ? j) tom dindn ' t behave (the lessons ) k) there is mothing to do with (clara and me)
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Calcule o volume v=a•b•c v=4•2•3 V=24 cm​...

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