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1.Fill the gaps with the correct relative pronoun. ( who, whose, which, when, where). (Preencha as lacunas com pronome relative correto: who, whose, which, when, where) A) This is the boy comes from Mexico. B) In 2010, she graduated, she was 22 years old. C) This is the town I was born. D) The student father is sick does not come to school today. E) Thank you for the present you sent me. F) That's the man house was destroyed by a tornado. G) The car he bought last Thursday was very cheap. H) The man you saw yesterday is my uncle. I) The pupils he was speaking to were very noisy. J) Santa Catarina is the state I was born.

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Leia e traduza loop at the of the page. you can see two different pictures. on the left you can see a cowboy betweens two cows. the cows are wild brut the cowboy is not afraid. on the right you can see a thief. he is aniong many people. a thief steals money and tinha from people. prepositions between (entre) a preposição "betwen" indica 1. um ser entre dois outros seres: paul is between mary and jone. (paulo está entre maria e jane.) the horses is between the cow and the donkey. (o cavalo está entre a vaca e o burr.)
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Me ajudem por favor pergunta, qual é o estado físico de cada vitamina a 100 graus centígrados e 1atm​
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Escreva uma introdução a um discurso sobre o amplo alcance do uso da internet.​
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Alguém me ajuda a achar os verbos regulares e irregulares dessa música jhon legend- all of me? ​
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1.Fill the gaps with the correct relative pronoun. ( who, whose, which, when, where). (Preencha as l...

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