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When you wanna do something that's new And it seems really, really hard to do You feel like quitting, you feel you're through Well I have some advice for you Don't give up Keep on tryin' You're gonna make it I ain't lyin' Don't give up, don't ever quit Try and try and you can do it Don't give up, yeah If you want to catch a ball But you're havin' no luck at all The ball hits your head, it hits your nose It hits your belly, your chin and toes Well, try and try and try again Keep on trying until the end You put your hands out in the air You'll catch the ball Yes this I swear () 1- Retire duas frases na forma negativa.
2- Coloque os verbos no Simple Present :
a) He ( fix ) my car.
b) She ( study) in a new school.
c) He always (dance).
d) We (talk) about the problems.
e) She (wash) her new clothes.

3- Responda usando short answer (resposta curtas) use o pronome e as formas do, does ou don’t doesn’t para responder:
a) Do you like popcorn? Yes,
b) Does she dance rock? No,
c) Do we play tennis? Yes,
d) Does he like to sing? No,

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When you wanna do something that's new And it seems really, really hard to do You feel like quitting...

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