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Oque significa game of love?

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5.(m√≥d. 18) complete usando na voz passiva os verbosque est√£o entre par√™nteses.a) albums (sell)in record shops.b) clothes (create)by designers.c) the information (collect)by thereporters.d) bread (make)at the bakery.e) water polo (play).in a swimming pool‚Äč
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He spends all money on books, while his wife spends on clothes. a) his; hers b) his; her c) his; your d) her ; your
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You can cll me ai . qual a messagem que o cantor passa com essa m√ļsica? ‚Äč
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1. complete using present continuos. a) sheyla tv now. (to watch) b) joana cards. (to play) c) we in the club. (to dance) d) i the report. (to write) e) the students the book. (to read) 2. change to questions the sentences above and give short answeis, negative and affirmative.
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