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4.WHAT IS YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT?A digital footprint is a trail you leave when using the internet. That email you sent this morning, the witty comment you left on someone‚Äôs Facebook feed, even that ‚Äėlike‚Äô you clicked under someone‚Äôs Twitter post ‚Äď it‚Äôs all recorded as, every day, you expand your digital footprint. [...]There are two kinds of digital footprint: ‚Äėpassive‚Äô and ‚Äėactive‚Äô.Passive digital footprintThe former is made up of the information that tech companies harvest behind the scenes, such as browsing data, IP addresses and purchasing habits. This is often collected without us even knowing about it, and is used to target advertisements, build customer profiles and more. There are a number of ways to minimise how large this type of footprint grows, such as using proxies and VPNs, or using anonymising technologies such as Tor. [...]Active digital footprintThe other kind of footprint is an ‚Äėactive‚Äô digital footprint, which is the publicly-traceable information that you share on the web, including Facebook updates, message board posts and Twitter rants. [...] The most obvious example is in employment; when hiring a new member of staff, the vast majority of companies now look up potential candidates‚Äô social media profiles. [...]The best guidance is to be sensible. [...] Exercise good judgement and common sense, and your digital footprint will likely be fine. footprint: pegada. trail: rastro. witty: espirituoso. former: primeira. harvest: coletam. purchasing: compras. publicly-traceable: rastre√°vel publicamente. rants: reclama√ß√Ķes. good judgement: bom senso. HELLARD, Bobby. What is your digital footprint? Available at: . Accessed on: 19 Sept. 2018 Go back to the article. Are the following sentences true (T) or false (F)? .
a) ( ) Not every Internet user has a digital footprint. It only exists if you send e-mails often.
b) ( ) A digital footprint may be expanded depending on your online activity daily.
c) ( ) Tech companies look for information to learn about users’ behavior.
d) ( ) Shopping information is not relevant for tech companies.
e) ( ) If you share information online, specially on social networks, it may become public.
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T /F / T / /T /F

F /T /T /F /T

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4.WHAT IS YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT?A digital footprint is a trail you leave when using the internet. T...

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