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Passe para o past continuo she is reading a book when we arrived

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(a). ouça e repita os seguintes verbos enumerando-os de acordo com a pronúncia correta de sufixo -ed (a) loked ( )(b) danced (. )c) prefered (. )d) rested (. )​
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1. change the sentences according to the symbol. it will rain tomorrow. it won't rain tomorrow. a. mom will put some snacks in our backpacks. b. i won't check the weather forecast first. + c. they will get wet in the storm. d. will it be chilly this fall? e. you can hear the wind. f. she will still go to the party with us.
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"passe para a interrogativa presente"-*negativa abrevada*-"negativa comum"-*interrogativa passada* "did" "exercício" 1)those girls dance well. 2)we watch television at night. 3)you like fruit. 4)he love mary. 5)istudy history and geography.
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Complete dito have to don't have to has to-doesn't have toi arrive at school at 7: 30you study, we have a testhe drink and drive we stop at red light she be polilethey have to go to school on sundays​
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Passe para o past continuo she is reading a book when we arrived...

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