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Gente eu não entendi o que o enunciado pede! Eu sou boa em inglês, só quero saber o que a questão quer que eu faça. Não precisa fazer, só explicar ;-; Destaque os types of clauses nas frases:
A) As he was not there, I could not speak to him.
B) I waited for him until he came.
C) We eat so that we may live.
D) I don’t know whether he is innocent.
E) If you eat too much, you will fall ill.
F) I am sure that you are wrong.
G) The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.
H) Tell me where you have put my books.
I) The man who committed the theft last night has been caught.
J) It is difficult to understand why he distrusts his own children.
K) When she spoke her annoyance was apparent to us all.
L) He said that he was giving me a friendly warning.
M) She was in a frenzy because fifteen people were coming to dinner.
N) I thought that his behaviour was rather forward.
O) Don’t ask his opinion unless you are ready for a frank answer.
P) A fortune teller told her that she would marry a handsome foreigner.
Q) The river water passes through a filter before it is piped to homes.
R) We need a man who knows finance.
S)The book is so fascinating that I can’t put it down.
T) If it is raining, we cannot go out now.
U) We are still talking about the fabulous party that you gave.
V) Unless you apologize, we will not take you back.

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Gente eu não entendi o que o enunciado pede! Eu sou boa em inglês, só quero saber o que a questão qu...

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