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Oaue significa in your language people say whrn they meet in formal situations

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Write the simple past forms of the verbs bellow (don’t worry about the numbers): ask (1x): be (12x): / borrow (1x): buy (1x): find (1x): get (2x): go (3x): make (1x): meet (2x): propose (1x): say (1x): see (1x): sit (1x): worry (1x):
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Biografia de algum escritores em ingl√™s? ? ‚Äč
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Traduzir para protugueshey, buddy! what's up? hi i'm fine and you? . i'm good too. cauld yocould you lind me your car for one hour? yeah! i'ii need the con only at night.- , brother. see yano problem take are‚Äč
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Write sentences with both…and /either…or/ neither…nor. a. peter is hungry. john is hungry too. b. you can have steak or chicken. whichever you prefer. c. tom isn’t italian. he isn’t brazilian either. d. julie is at home. mary is at home too. e. we’ll visit bahia. we’ll visit pernambuco too.
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Oaue significa in your language people say whrn they meet in formal situations...

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