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Uma música com verbos no passado ( em inglês)

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Read the definitions and type in the correct verbs from the list. to apologize for / to share with / to agree with / to sleep over / to lend to / to believe in / to blame for / to talk about / to laugh about / to wish for
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Alguém sabe separar os verbos regulares e irregulares dessa música wide awake​
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"passe para a interrogativa presente"-*negativa abrevada*-"negativa comum"-*interrogativa passada* "did" "exercício" 1)those girls dance well. 2)we watch television at night. 3)you like fruit. 4)he love mary. 5)istudy history and geography.
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Homeworkuse the words in the box (from "the world goes global") to complete the text.tradecultures economics globalization (2x) interact linking nations technologiesglobalization is sometimes defined as theof the world's nations through trade. thisamongallows people from differenttowith each other. people disagree about the effects ofonsome people think that it them with jobs and newhowever, others believe thatdestroys the cultural traditions of smaller groups.​
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Uma música com verbos no passado ( em inglês)...

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