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Brazil: a rich or a poor country?

brazil represents both the best and the worst of the world. the recession of job is increasing

around brazil faster and faster and the percentage of jobless workers is a reality. it’s about 10%.

our country is the tenth largest economy in the world. são paulo, the richest state, has a gdp

per capita about r$ 1200.00 per month. ceará is the poorer than são paulo. however, piauí is

the the poorest state of brazil. the gdp per capita is about r$ 350,00 per month. it means that

- while part of brazil belongs to the group formed by france, usa, japan, canada, italy, great

britain and spain, the other part of our country is really poor. it can be said that both

development and underdevelopment coexist in the brazilian territory.

(a) segundo o texto em média, quanto ganha por mês um habitante de são paulo? e do piauí?

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Brazil: a rich or a poor country?

brazil represents both the best and the worst of the...

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